Our Primary Focus is the Patient's Comfort and Quality of Life

At Manor Hospice, we recognize that our patients have their own individual spiritual, social, and cultural needs. We highly respect and fulfill these needs.

We understand end-of-life journey can be difficult, we are here to provide the utmost care for our patients with warmth and compassion.

We aim for exceptional service. The quality of our patient’s life is our priority.

Manor Hospice is committed to providing terminally ill patients and their families the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support.

At Manor Hospice, our goal is to provide exceptional service. Family members will be feeling confident in the care that their loved ones receive.

In an effort to maintain excellence in hospice services, our team at Manor Hospice contacts patients, families, and caregivers to ensure that we meet their expectations and provide an immediate solution for any concerns and needs.

Our team of local volunteers are available to explain the informational benefits of hospice care.